Our vision

Our aim is to become the leading provider of free, open-access facilities for children and young people in Rushmoor between the ages of 5 and 18, although we also work with young people up to the age of 23.

We have recently established The Gaming Zone as a Community Interest Company (TGZ C.I.C) to maximise the opportunities that could be available to the young people that we work with as a Social Enterprise. 

We will work hard to develop and maintain our CIC status, continually seeking innovative and entrepreneurial ways to develop our business and provide high quality, high-worth support services for children and young people, particularly for those who are most in need. 

We will continue to create, deliver and sustain high quality activities for 5-18 years olds, developing and growing our approach and ensuring that we meet gaps in provision.

  • To manage and deliver The Gaming Zone, Heron Wood Youth, Cheeky Monkeys, North Town Youth and Greenfingers (please see the 'Our Projects' section)
  • To focus on and engage with the most vulnerable and hard to reach young people in the Borough
  • To work in partnership with external agencies and organisations for the benefit of all 5-18 year olds in Rushmoor
  • To recruit, train, develop and support high quality staff and volunteers, particularly young leaders
  • To ensure all activities are run in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment
  • To maintain CIC status and continue to strengthen and enhance our governance

Now we are established as a CIC with a Project Director in post we have even more potential to develop a strong, robust, exciting brand with excellent governance that we hope will shine as the leading provider of free, open-access provision for children and young people who are most in need and act as a flagship for future development.