The need

"Without 'Summer in Da Boro' I would have definitely been in trouble with the police this summer"
- 16 year old


"Without your support I'd be in prison by now"
- 17 year old


  • Over 120 children and young people visit our sessions in any one week in term time
  • Over 50% of children and young people who attend our sessions are in receipt of free school meals
  • Over 60% of children and young people who attend our sessions live in social housing
  • Over 260 children and young people attended our 'Summer in Da Boro' holiday scheme in 2011

We are an 'organic' organisation that has grown and developed through responding tolocal needs and gaps in local provision. 

In addition to the government indices of multiple deprivation each week we support children and young people who are living in poverty or relative poverty, living in an environment or have experience of domestic violence, higher incidences of teenage pregnancy, higher incidences of poor health, live with parents who are substance abusers, are substance abusers themselves and experience high youth unemployment.

We work with a significant number of vulnerable children and young people including those who are in receipt of free school meals, those who have been involved in the criminal justice system, those with special educational needs, young carers and those at higher risk of teenage pregnancy.

However we also support and work with the hundreds of children who don't fall into traditional statistics but who we know to be in need of support and nurture. Unfortunately because they do not fit the criteria needed for support by statutory organisations and agencies such as Children's Services they are almost the 'unseen vulnerable'. Such children are often living in environments of domestic violence, experience bullying, poor parenting, ineffective parenting, parental apathy, lack of food, lack of clean clothes and sharing bedrooms with multiple siblings. Many are let out of the front door at 8.30am not to return until bedtime, save for a quick chicken nuggets and chips tea (or a Pot Noodle). 

In line with our values, we aim to provide all of these children with a safe, warm, friendly and nurturing environment where they can enjoy being children - playing, having fun, trying new activities and feeling cared for.

Our work is closely aligned with that of other organisations and local partnerships. We work to the priorities of the Local Children's Partnership (LCP), local Neighbourhood Renewal Plans and Rushmoor Schools Plus amongst others. By having members of our management board who are also part of other organisations we are able to tap into local concerns and gaps in provision and discuss how we can address them to meet the needs of our communities. 

We believe that the service we offer is critical to the Borough and in the absence of a generic youth service we feel that the role of our business in providing engaging, diversionary activities for children and young people will be essential.